Forest & Timber Consultancy Office

Forest Management

For over twenty years, we put our expertise and our knowledge of the wood sector at the service of forest owners and managers.

We establish long-terms sustainable management plans, advise and value the selection of tree for felling, organize timber sales, manage the woodland maintenance and replanting operations.


We are developping a real expertise regarding forest certification by implementing and managing the first FSC Group Certificate for private forest owners in Belgium, which will be operationnal early 2017. We also regularly collaborate with PEFC.

Owners can rely on our experience to maximize the value of their heritage and ensure its future.

Timber market

Since 1992, we sustainably manage, maintain and harvest forest estates in most European countries.

We regularly organise timber auctions, for both local merchants and international traders.

In some cases, timber from our own managed forests is proposed directly to the final customer : we supply sawmills, but also plywood, panel, paper and wood energy industries wherever in Europe and Asia.

We have specially developed a real know-how relating to the valorization of poplar and oak, our core-business. We also propose a selection of other European hardwoods, selected very carefully.

International Consultancy

PHBois offers a complete consultancy service to forest owners, public institutions, NGO's and International Organizations.

We provide information, support and reporting about timber products, timber market analysis, forest management and harvesting, certification, forest communication...

Our knowledge of the international markets and our network can also be highly useful to many wood industry actors for wood sourcing, supply chains support or markets development.

We are available for short or long terms assignments, in Europe and worldwide.


Pierre Hermans, founder of PHBois, is Expert Member of the United Nations Teams of Specialists "Sustainable Forest Products and Markets" and "Wood Energy" (UNECE/FAO Forest & Timber Section - Geneva)


Office :

PHBois Forest Office
Bd de la Sauvenière, 178
B- 4000 Liège

M. +32 (0)475 53 79 38